Retain your customers - 10X with 360 Degree Feedback Management

Feedback- 360 is Industry’s First Cloud-based all-in-one solution for CSAT, NPS & Customer Feedback that can increase your retention by 10x. The new age feedback has excellent back-office capabilities to structure your feedback mechanism. This allows you to understand your customer needs well, capture their experience as well as their loyality towards your organization. Seamless front-end integration allows you to enable the system in no time.

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Seamless Integration

Get the feedback integrated in less than a week and start seeing the results

One Feedback-360 – Multiple Applications

Get the Feedback-360 integrated with any number of applications within the organization and define feedback for each application and user

Robust Back-Office

The back-office offers you all that is needed to capture CSAT, Feedback & NPS across multiple applications and users

Our Value Proposition

- Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
-Better CX (Customer eXperience)
- Increase Customer Retention
- Increase in Brand Value
- Help in Product/Service Innovation

Key Features of Feedback-360

Seamless Integration

Integrating the feedback is kind of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activity with a simple plug-in integration, you will get the power of capturing CSAT, Feedback & NPS

Robust Back-Office Capabilities

Robust BO capabilities allows you to manage applications, groups, events, users, quesionaires and much more along with dashboard and reports

Customized Authentication

Authentication can be customized to client's requirements, like integrating with their own LDAP and Identity management application

In-Built Authorization

In-build roles & feature mapping allows to put the access control across the organization. Authorization can be defined at application level and role

Dashboard & Reports

Pre-built dashboard and reports provide in-depth view of feedback given by the users. Actions can be drawn based on the feedback and compare the results post action taken

Cross functional integration

Integration supports across all front-end technologies, including but not limited to android, Ios native code, React Native, React JS, Ionic & Cordova, Angular, Flutter etc

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