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The Technology Consortium

Industry’s First Aggregator Service for Technology Solutions
Group of small and medium technology service providers and product companies joined together to offer their services and products as Aggregator Services under the brand “The Technology Consortium” via lead consortium Quapt Technologies Pvt Ltd
The current strength of the consortium
Technology Providers
Product Companies

What We Offer?


Our UI/UX design service helps businesses create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Mobile/Web Development

Our mobile/web development service helps businesses build custom, scalable, high-quality mobile and web applications that meet their unique business needs and specifications.

API Development & Integration

Our API development and integration service helps businesses build custom APIs and seamlessly integrate them with their existing systems, improving data flow, automation, and efficiency. We also help Businesses looking for transformation to microservices architecture.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance service helps businesses ensure the quality and functionality of their software applications, websites, and digital products, resulting in improved user experience and higher customer satisfaction

Production Support & DevOps

Our Production Support & DevOps service helps businesses ensure the reliable and efficient operation of their software systems and applications, by providing ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and automation services.

Resource Augmentation

Our Resource Augmentation service provides businesses with skilled and experienced professionals to augment their existing teams, enabling them to meet their project deadlines and achieve their business objectives while core team can focus on strategic initiatives.


Web Design

Oolsum Care

A Healthgagement Platform

Oolsum Care is an innovative Healthgagement platform that helps businesses increase their competitiveness by engaging clients with personalized health and wellness offerings. As a cloud-based solution, Oolsum Care offers flexibility and scalability to meet the evolving needs of its users. Oolsum Care provides a range of features and benefits, including personalized wellness plans, health risk assessments, coaching and support, and data analytics to track progress and measure outcomes. By leveraging these features, businesses can improve health outcomes, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. One key benefit of Oolsum Care is its ability to significantly reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) by engaging clients with tailored health and wellness offerings
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Web Design


All-In-One” solution for CSAT, NPS & Customer Feedback

Feedback 360 is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to help corporate businesses collect feedback from both customers and users through a single system. As the industry's first feedback engine, it is capable of capturing feedback, CSAT, and NPS across various applications and personas. By providing an all-in-one solution, Feedback 360 streamlines the feedback collection process and helps businesses better understand their customers' needs and preferences.
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Web Design

Nextgen Voice & ChatBot

Total Experience Automation using humanized voice & chatbot

AI+Human platform for enterprises to deliver Realtime & on-demand automation of total experience (TX) used by 1000+ global enterprise clients. Prebuilt integrations with 100+ modern systems and tools like Salesforce, SAP, Office365, Tableu etc.
Web Design

Leagues Gamification Platform

For those looking at business performance improvement via gamification

SaaS platform that efficiently customizes workforce into sports leagues and drive competition to achieve rewards, incentives, bonuses or awards merited by organization. This Business performance platform helps in KPI planning, Personalized rewards and much more.
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Value-add To Our Clients

Cost Efficiency

Clients who are looking for high quality deliverables with optimized costs


For those who need faster results with efficient planning and resource utilization

Scalable Solutions

Clients who want to build solutions that can support present and the future

Keeping Lights On

Clients who want to outsource their mundane work to focus on strategic projects

Resource Augmentation

For those looking for quality talent across legacy, emerging and niche technologies.

How We Work


Client initiate request with problem statement/ Need.


Techno functional analyst will do complete probing to elicit the customer’s need/ problem statement


Lead consortium will engage right technology service providers/ product companies to address client’s problem statement/ need.


The lead consortium will prepare the contract to either take complete ownership or connect with technology provider based on client preference


Based on the contract, either lead consortium will execute the end-to-end project or the technology service provider directly with client.

Feedback & Improvement

Lead consortium will continuously monitor the execution and take feedback from client for improvement.

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